Thank You Letters

You had the interview—and now you just need to wait and see, right? Wrong. The minute you get home, you need to compose thank you letters to every person who interviewed you.

A mailed or emailed thank you letter shows your potential employer(s) that you appreciated the time they took out of their day, you are serious about this position, and you know how to follow through.

Here are some tips to help you write a meaningful, successful thank you letter.

  1. Use the business cards you obtained at the interview to make sure you have the correct spellings of the names of your interviewers. Address each person in a separate thank you letter.
  2. Thank the interviewer for the face-to-face meeting and reinforce why you want this position and why you are right for this position.
  3. Positively address the main points you have discussed with that specific person in the interview.
  4. Avoid any negative statements about the position, company, or past experiences.
  5. Keep the paragraphs short, concise, and professional—but also be sincere.
  6. Thoroughly proofread the letter for grammatical and spelling errors. The slightest mistake can reflect negatively on you. Make sure you copy or email the thank you letters to your recruiter so they can follow up for you and get the valuable feedback you need.